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"What's new at ADIRE in 2012"

"Production projects in 2012"
Renewable Energy Workshop & Science Fair by rural are school children
Health care clinic
"The ADIRE Celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd "
ADIRE adopted a new village Sathiathikiri, Jajpur district, Orissa.
JAN 2011 
Green WOW (Women on Wheels) Introduced first electric car run by village women
Geography Quiz, English Spelling Competition and Adividya School Annual Day
Annual Sports 2011
Village kids on a Field trip



ADIRE is a registered charitable trust in India with a mission to improve the lives of rural poor, applying appropriate modern technology, renewable energy and local capacity building for reviving cost effective and environment friendly village clusters of ancient India.

ADIRE has been working since 2003 in the villages of Orissa, India bringing out sustainable development with green environment, clean energy, integral education, local jobs, healthy communities and happy life for all. ADIRE’s initiative is focused on two fundamental concepts: Harness local natural resources and Develop & modernize local skills in four major areas through its program "HELP" centers:

H - Health & Hygiene (Prevent diseases)

E - Energy & Fuel (Safe, local, affordable, sustainable, renewable, and reliable)

L - Learning (Basic education and skills advancing clean energy)

P - Production (Green jobs for rural income growth)

along with building or acquiring appropriate Infrastructure (Roads and Internet broadband) so that villagers use renewable energy and efficient technologies (RE) to quickly update their primitive skill with modern appropriate SKILL.

ADIRE's PHASE-1 of HELP activities was concentrated in 3 villages Jahangirabad, Balabhadrapur, Kalyanpur (JABAKA). Please see JABAKA project for more details Click Here.

ADIRE's PHASE-II of HELP activities will be expanded to 10 villages surrounding JABAKA as a SMART Ville program. Please see SMART VILLE program for more details Click here.  

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