"What's new at ADIRE in 2012"

"Production projects in 2012"
Renewable Energy Workshop & Science Fair by rural are school children
Health care clinic
"The ADIRE Celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd "
ADIRE adopted a new village Sathiathikiri, Jajpur district, Orissa.
JAN 2011 
Green WOW (Women on Wheels) Introduced first electric car run by village women
Geography Quiz, English Spelling Competition and Adividya School Annual Day
Annual Sports 2011
Village kids on a Field trip



International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI)

In order to facilitate the replication of ADIRE’s JABA development model to surrounding areas and internationally, it has been decided to set up an ISDI in the village itself. The Institute will carry out in-depth research on the most appropriate clean development technologies, infrastructure, and social issues. The Institute will also take leadership role on the advocating its most economically and socially efficient results with the aid agencies, government and international climate change debates.

Some research efforts supporting ISDI are based on the following studies:

  Full PhD Dissertation of Dr. D.P Kar (2010) - The lowest cost electricity for a poor rural village in India: Rural grid or Off-grid SPV? (DP final thesis for web.pdf)


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 4. JABA village Case Study

Chapter 6. Implementation Issues and ADI-Re-SKILL model

Chapter 7.Conclusion

  Poverty, Rurality & Lack of Electricity presentation (pdf)

   Fueling the Future of a Billion Poor with Renewable Energy: Lessons from an Economic Experiment in India’s "JABA" Community Presentation (Denver_IAEE pdf)

 Poverty and Electricity Scarcity in Lesser Developed Countries - Can Renewables Help Where Government Subsidies Cannot? (conf_dc_2.0.pdf)

  A New Energy Paradigm For Our "Common Future" - U.S./India Synergies in Renewable Electricity (Mexico paper.pdf)