• Health

    Community Health & Hygiene To create a healthy living condition in rural areas NEW at Health Center (2011)  –   Bi-monthly Homeopathy Clinic   Mosquito […]

  • Energy

    On May 3rd, cyclone Fani tore through the state of Odisha in eastern India, estimated to be the worst storm to hit the country since […]

  • Learning

    To improve the existing school infrastructures, encouraging kids to join schools, opening libraries, providing vocational training to rural youth and adult education AdiVidya Mandir & […]

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    To create rural employment and income-generating activities  ADIRE’s solar, biogas and biomass programs have generated local jobs in the JABAKA villages. Biomass, or agricultural waste, […]

ADIRE is a registered charitable trust in India with a mission to improve the lives of rural poor.We believe

Applying appropriate modern technology
Renewable energy
Local capacity building

can provide cost effective and better way for reviving environment friendly village clusters of ancient India.

Our Initiative

ADIRE has been working since 2003 in the villages of Orissa, India bringing out sustainable development with green environment, clean energy, integral education, local jobs, healthy communities and happy life for all. ADIRE’s initiative is focused on two fundamental concepts: Harness local natural resources and Develop & modernize local skills in four major areas through its program "HELP" centers:

along with building or acquiring appropriate Infrastructure (Roads and Internet broadband) so that villagers use renewable energy and efficient technologies (RE) to quickly update their primitive skill with modern appropriate SKILL.